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Modular pallet exchange system. It can be further expanded according to customer requirements. This system is also available with 2 and 3 floors to reduce the floor space.

Gantry system for the loading/unloading of parts by the upper part of the machine. The feeding system is available with a single table, pallet change or rotary system.

Gantry system that allows to share tools between the storages of different machines.

Compact tool storage system with capacity for 206, 276 or 346 tools.

Compact and modular pallet changer system to increase the productivity of your machine. It is available in Variaxis i-600 and Variaxis i-700 with 6, 12 or 18 pallets and in HCN 4000 and HCN 5000 with 10 or 16 pallets.

Robot assist automated for loading / unloading parts, with operator approach protection system. Ideal for small / medium sized parts.

Vertical storage tower for different types/sizes of parts and can automate gripper and chuck jaw exchange. This system allows a large storage capacity using a small floor space.

Modular or compact systems for storing cut and finished material. In the case of the modular system, it can be expanded to several devices.